Winning Clients in a Wired World - Front Cover

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“A great tool; full of timesaving, practical, useful, helpful ideas.”
—Richard Koob,
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

What People Are Saying

"No matter what your job title, you need to read this book. Your personal productivity will improve, your customers will appreciate you more, and your business will expand in ways you have only dreamed about."
—Hans Carstensen, Chairman and CEO
Aviva Life Insurance Company

"Finally. something definitive about applying technology in the workplace. This book is must reading for any financial professional who also wants to succeed as a business owner."
—Joby Gruber, President and CEO
FSC Securities Corp

"This is one book that won't sit on your bookshelf. Buy two; someone will probably walk off with the first one."
—Deena Katz
Author of Deena Katz on Practice Management

"Kip Gregory takes the fear out of learning your way around computers and the Internet, suggesting ways to streamline simple, but necessary, every day business tasks. Using the helpful hints in this book will enhance anyone's office efficiency whether you're a CEO or a CSR."
—Larry Grypp, President and CEO
Columbus Life Insurance Company

"This is one heck of a book. Everybody needs to have a copy of it in their library if not right on their desk. I've never seen so many tips and insights together in one place. I'm so convinced it will increase the productivity of my staff I'm building a training curriculum around it for everyone in my company."
—Bill Carter, President
Carter Financial Management
Past Chairman, Financial Planning Foundation

"A dazzling amount of information on how to tap the technology you own to be more successful. Continuous learning is a critical part of achieving your goals; Winning Clients in a Wired World spells out step-by-step how to build that competency for yourself or your organization."
—Sharon Gertz, Senior Vice President, Chief Fiduciary Officer