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“The handwriting's on the wall for those who want to survive in financial services: how and why we get paid has changed dramatically. Many of the old ways of doing business are obsolete. In these days of digital communication and do-not-call lists, Kip Gregory's book tells you how to harness computers and the Internet to do everything from organizing your ideas and streamlining your systems to what we all want most - finding good prospects and providing great personal service to our clients.”
—Richard Russo, Senior Vice President
Smith Barney

Other Resources

This page is your link to five fabulous, free resources highlighted in the pages of Winning Clients in a Wired World. Click on each title below to get more information.

Seminar Content for Client Appreciation Events

Want to solve some of your clients' most common (and most vexing) technology problems? Here are some resources that can help.
(page 115)

101 Ways to Get Closer to Clients

Looking for reasons to keep in closer contact with your best customers and clients? Try a few of these ideas.
(page 116)

Suggested knowledge journal uses

Winning Clients identifies six "must have" categories of content to incorporate into your journal. Here's a list of 30+ additional topics you may want to consider!
(page 12)

Time is money worksheet

To find out how productive you are and how much more you could be by making better use of the tools available to you, fill in the blanks on this page.
(page 44)