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“If you are in sales or marketing, or you manage a sales team, applying the ideas in Winning Clients in a Wired World should be an integral part of your game plan for achieving year over year increases in sales. Overlook this book and you're missing a huge opportunity to make your life easier, and your business more profitable.”
—Mark McVeigh, Vice President, Financial Institution Sales
Aviva Life Insurance Company of America

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Or maybe you want to purchase the forms and worksheets included in the book to make designing and implementing your improvement plan easier. The templates in this package will save you hours of time in organizing your business improvement efforts, from mapping out what you do to inventorying what you own to collecting information on the audiences you're targeting, and more. Guaranteed! Here's what's included:

1. Software Inventory Summary
2. Program Feature Worksheet
3. Workflow Worksheet
4. Online Research Checklist
5. Communication Planning Worksheets
6. Macro Writing Worksheet
7. Task Delegation Worksheet
8. Top Client Profile

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